Friday, Dec 6, 2013 - Davies Hall


7:30Peter SingerPrinceton UniversityWho is a person?  A Non-Speciesist Answer

Saturday, Dec 7, 2013 - Luce Hall

8:00Registration and Morning Refreshments8:00AM Vegan Breakfast

James Hughes - Session Chair

9:00James Hughes
9:10Patrick HopkinsMillsaps College, IEETA Turing Test For Civil Rights: When to treat something as a person
9:35Kevin LaGrandeurNY Inst of Technology, IEETAncient Definitions of Personhood and Difficult Social Precedents: The Homunculus, the Golem, and Aristotle
10:00James BodingtonUniversity of New MexicoAgainst Exceptionalism: The Task of a New Philosophy of Animality

10:25BREAK with refreshments (vegan)

Kevin LaGrandeur - Session Chair

10:45Lori GruenWesleyan UniversityRethinking Personhood:  Recognizing sameness and valuing difference
11:10Robert C. JonesCal State - ChicoWhat Might a Species-Free Ethics Look Like?
11:35Wynn SchwartzHarvard UniversityWhat is a Person and How Can We Be Sure?

NoonLUNCH (provided)

1:00Steve WiseNonhuman Rights ProjectThe Nonhuman Rights Project: The Struggle for Legal Personhood for Nonhuman Animals
2:00Lori MarinoThe Kimmela Center for Animal Advocacy and NhRP The Science of the Nonhuman Rights Project

3:00BREAK with refreshments (vegan)

Wendell Wallach - Session Chair

3:15Annette Lanjouw Arcus FoundationThe Politics of Species
3:40Jessica RubinUniv of Connecticut Law SchoolHow can we practically advance rights for non-human animals?  
4:05Andrew FentonCal State - FresnoOn solid ground: chimpanzee dissent and trapdoor clauses
4:30Pablo de LoraUniversidad Autónoma de Madrid Personhood and Liberal Neutrality: Should we provide public aid to pets’ owners?”
4:55Saskia StuckiUniversity of BaselThe Animal Person as Tertium Datur
5:20Closing and ReceptionArcus Foundation

8:00Evening with the QuietHeart Filmmakers working on the film Whale Like Me

Sunday, Dec 8, 2013 - Luce Hall

8:00AM Vegan Breakfast

George Dvorsky - Session Chair

9:00Michael MountainEarth in Transition“I Am Not An Animal”: The Signature Cry of our Species
9:25Lori MarinoKimmela Center for Animal Advocacy and NhRP Denial of Death and the Threat of Animality
9:50Karen DavisUnited Poultry ConcernsThe Provocative Elitism of “Personhood” for Nonhuman Creatures in Animal Advocacy Parlance and Polemics
10:15Alfred Marek WierzbickiCatholic University of Lublin, PolandWhy does personalism turn towards animal ethics?

10:40BREAK with refreshments (vegan)

Linda MacDonald Glenn - Session Chair

11:00Yaniv HeledGeorgia State University College of LawOn Patenting "Human Organisms"
11:25Steve FullerUniversity of WarwickIs the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights Fit For Purpose in the 21st Century?
11:50Wendell WallachYale University Bioethics Center, IEETAnimal/Human/Corporation/Robot: Appropriating 'Personhood' for Different Purposes

12:15LUNCH (provided)

12:30Lunch Speakers: Bruce Duncan and Bina48Terasem Movement Foundation

Patrick Hopkins - Session Chair

1:30Samir ChopraBrooklyn CollegePersonhood for Artificial Agents: What it teaches us about animals' rights
1:55George, IEETThe Social, Legal and Political Consequences of Nonhuman Animal Personhood
2:20Daryl Wennemann Fontbonne UniversityPosthuman Personhood
2:45Linda MacDonald GlennWomen's Bioethics Project, IEETHuman-machine hybrids & personhood

3:10Break with refreshments (vegan)

3:35David Brinauthor, IEETWhat Do We Owe Tomorrow?
4:00James HughesTrinity College, IEETBuilding a Political Strategy to Secure Personhood Rights

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